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Your everlasting currency

Bar9 helps you protect your finances against paper money's devaluation with a gold-backed savings account. Now, you can hold your savings in physical gold while we store it for you in a Swiss vaulting facility.


Three easy steps to your gold savings

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1. Open your vault
Register your vault with your personal information and a copy of your ID, that we will verify.
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2. Secure your vault
Secure your vault with your personal PIN that allows you to withdraw your funds anytime.
Fund your vault
3. Fund your vault
Transfer Euro to your vault and we will convert it to physical assets like gold.
  • Own your money
    Get fully allocated gold only. While paper money is created, controlled and owned by a federal bank or governments, with Bar9 you are the legal owner of your holdings.
  • A flexible way to store value
    Convert your gold back to traditional currency with a click of a button. You can also request the physical delivery of your gold at any time, and we’ll send it to your location at your convenience
  • Instant access through SEPA
    Get instant access to your savings whenever you most need them. Withdraw your holdings with a simple SEPA transaction.
  • A save way of banking
    We keep the gold off our books. You can rest assured your savings are secured by Bar9 as the guardian of your holdings.

Your gold is not only safe, but 100% insured

The fastest way to own gold

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Open your own Swiss vault in minutes