Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started

Why do I have to verify my account?

All customers must be verified to own gold in our platform. Verifying yourself means all the gold you hold is your property and held in your name. If something were to happen to you, like you lose access to the email address you signed up with, it can be a lot easier and time-efficient to prove that you own the account. Also, if you were to pass away, then it could cost you time and money to prove that an account belongs to you. You can verify your account by simply uploading a copy of your personal ID or passport.

How can I buy gold?

Simply access your Bar9 account and head to the ‘Fund’ section of the sidebar. Enter the desired amount in Euro you’d like to convert into gold. On the right side of the screen you will see a detailed summary indicating how much grams of gold you will be receiving, as well as the Bar9 fee. With payment methods like SEPA the final gold price you pay will be fixed on arrival of the money.

How can I convert back to Euro?

You can easily sell your gold holdings by accessing your Bar9 account and heading to the ‘Withdraw’ section. Select the amount you desire to withdraw in Euro, enter your withdraw method and confirm the operation by entering your secret pin.

How can I get my Bar9 Mastercard?

The Bar9 debit card will be soon available for our users. More information will be sent via email.

About the gold

Is my gold allocated?

Yes. The gold is allocated through Bar9 under your name, as your legal property. All the gold is secured by one of Europe's most established private ​vaulting facilities (Pro Aurum Switzerland AG​), audited by BDO international and fully-insured inside the Pro Aurum Switzerland AG vault via the insurance company Helvetia.

What does allocated gold mean?

Allocated gold means that the gold is physically held in a secure storage and outright owned by you. All the gold is secured in a high-security vaulting facility (by Pro Aurum Switzerland AG). With unallocated gold, there are no specific gold bars set aside and they can be used for other things. When the gold is unallocated, clients are, in fact, owed metal by the trading company, broker, bank or refinery that provides the service.

What is the quality of the gold I’m getting?

Bar9 guarantees that all gold held in your account is part of a 99.95% minimum assayed bullion bar.

Where is my gold stored?

Your gold is physically secured by Pro Aurum in their Zürcher Freilager facility, one of the world's largest and most secure gold storage facilities.
Zürcher Freilager AG
GVZ 8424 Embrach

Is my gold insured?

All Bar9 user’s gold is 100% insured against physical theft and damages. Though other gold vaulting companies only insure a part of the gold, the gold secured through Bar9 is 100% insured.

Do I need to pay taxes?

Depending on where you live, you may be liable to report and pay taxes as income or capital gains. Please check with your local tax adviser. Bar9 allows you to print monthly statements to help with any accounting needs

About physical gold withdrawal

Physical delivery is available upon request. Individual fees apply.

Can I have my gold delivered?

Yes. The gold you own on Bar9 are physical bullion secured in your name, as your property, so you can have the gold bars delivered out to you depending on your location. With this in mind, we didn’t create Bar9 for a way to buy physical gold that is secure at home. We created Bar9 so you can hold physical allocated gold secured in a Swiss vaulting facility. Professional vaults are far more secure than holding gold at home. Insurance companies know the risk of holding gold at home. That is why, it is always far more expensive to insure gold stored at home rather than secured at a professional vaulting facility.

To what countries do you deliver?

Bar9 delivers gold to the following countries: Austria, Switzerland, Tschech Republic, Slovenia, Poland, Italy, Latvia, Romania, Belgium, Spain, Portugal,Slovakia, Hungary, Germany, France, Netherlands, Luxembourg.

How does the gold withdrawal work?

The minimum physical withdrawal from Bar9 is 100 gram. To make it cheaper for you to receive your gold, we send you an already formed bar. Depending on your country of residence, physical delivery might be not possible. This is due to your country’s customs law, embargos`s or other laws restricting the delivery of gold bars. Your bars will be chosen from 4 different refineries (Perth Mint, Umicore, Heraeus or Rand refinery), which we will choose depending on availability. If you would like a specific brand then you may need to wait longer.

What are the requirements to withdraw my gold?

The gold that you want to withdraw must be in the vault at the time of your withdrawal request. You need a sufficient amount of gold on your account to pay all withdrawal fees. Your Bar9 account must be fully verified, and cannot be a trust, pension or official retirement account. There are many risks involved in shipping bullion. To limit these risks we restrict the number of bars that can be shipped at the same time. Bar9 only delivers using insured couriers; your package must be signed on arrival. Due to anti-money laundering laws, we can only send gold to the address you have verified on your account. You will need to verify your Bar9 account before the physical withdrawal options become available. If you order multiple bars, then these might be sent in multiple parcels with multiple tracking codes. Once your withdrawal has been processed, the requested amount of gold will be reserved on your account until the gold has been dispatched. Any fees will also be reserved. You might not be able cancel your withdrawal request once submitted.

Currencies and markets

What currencies are accepted by Bar9?

We are currently accepting only Euro. However in the near future we will open up new currencies.

What countries are accepted?

We are currently serving customers from EU countries except the UK. We are looking forward to expand to your country as well.


How can I contact Bar9?

We are happy to take your enquire. Feel free to send us an email to

I forgot my email or/and password?

Please head to the login area on and recover your credentials by clicking on the ‘Forgot password’ link.

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