Easy Fees

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  • Gold (available now!)
  • Silver (soon)
  • Platinum (soon)
  • Palladium (soon)

Storage Fee

0.75% /year

  • With 1000 € worth of gold in your vault, you would pay 7,50 € per year for storage and insurance. Storage fee is calculated daily but billed monthly to your account.
No storage feee until 31. August 2019!

Gold Debit Card

Coming 2019

  • Spend your gold like Cash
  • Full Debit Card
  • Accepted everywhere
  • Convert multiple assets to your card
Available soon
*The exact Bar9 gold price is calculated based on current world gold prices. The executed price of the order can vary (For example using SEPA payments, the price is calculated when the payment arrives at the Bar9 bank account and the order is fulfilled).

Physical gold delivery

We can deliver Gold with a minimum of 100 Gram to the following countries. Read more about it in the FAQ

Physical delivery will be available 2019

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